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SachiCup-Reusable Menstrual Cup, Redefining Periods.

A menstrual cup can be comfortably used through teenagers to menopause. The reusable menstrual cup can be used while at home, in college, in Office, during traveling, from the gym to sleep in it.

The menstrual cup is especially quite convenient and comfortable throughout the peri-menopausal phase when your skin gets dry and flow gets erratic. Young women and virgins may find it marginally tricky to utilize the menstrual cup initially, however it alleviates with continuous practice as well as usage.  Sachicup is made of health grade non-toxic non-allergic Silicone, therefore there isn’t any possibility of diseases or vaginitis. Silicone is inert and easy thus you can find no issues like migraines & excoriation.

A menstrual cup is a passive Item, it just collects the menstrual flow and does not hinder the natural normal cleaning and functioning procedure for the vagina. The menstrual cup could be worn for long hours with no health dangers such as TSS as it is the sole menstrual sanitary protection that can be easily sterilized (15 mins of boiling). Since made of silicone, it can be sterilized and making it entirely sterile. The reusable Menstrual cup wipes are all provided to completely clean and sanities, before and after usage of menstrual cup. Since worn inside hence no unclean feeling and foul odor. Then it becomes soft as epidermis with your body heat and completely adapts to your system. Leaves no chance for any leakage and therefore no risk of stains. It allows the user to use the desirable garments and it is suitable for nudist settings since worn out within the body. It is compact and reusable, therefore There’s not any Inconvenience of storing or carrying bulky products or disposing of ones that are used.

Menstrual cups can be worn for 12 hours or more without any issues, it is the best alternative for sanitary pads, as it can hold up to a quarter of the typical monthly menstrual flow and it becomes soft as the skin and adjusted to the entire body heat and completely adopts into the body. Sachi cup leaves no space for any congestion and therefore no risk of stains. It allows the consumer to put on the clothing as desired and is suitable for nudist settings since worn inside the human anatomy. It allows the user to take up extreme Swimming activities. The flow doesn’t go out of place due to airlock created while wearing. Can it be reusable and will continue lifetime if used properly as educated about the cup and will be recovered in just about one year.

Additionally, it conserves time and energy. A menstrual cup is redeemed Ergo there is no Waste increasing environmental hazards.


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Before your very first Sachi cup usage, submerge the Sachi cup with an open kettle of boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then with a stainless-steel pot that is advised to boil the Sachi cup. This is a compulsory first step. It’s perhaps not necessary to detach your Sachi cup between work, as routine cleaning may be enough. To find out more on proper care and cleaning

When menstruator in a public washroom, they are uncomfortable washing their Menstrual cup from the sink outside on view. If this is the situation, clean your hands thoroughly before entering the stall, then empty the contents of your own Sachi cup into the toilet and just use a dry or damp tissue to wash the cup. At the next convenient period, clean according to the user guide instructions and try to wash Sachi cup with potable water that is safe to drink, including when traveling or camping.

It is extremely rare to have an allergy or sensitivity to silicone menstrual cup. Researches indicate that silicone is biocompatible with your human anatomy, which explains the reason why silicone has been used in healthcare management for more than 50 decades ago If you do experience skin sensitivity, immediately discontinue the usage and contact your medical care service provider.

As time passes, your menstrual cup might change in colour with usage. This is often common, and nothing to be concerned about -- it does not necessarily mean that you want to displace it! However, if the discoloration bothers you, then boiling it in accordance with the user guide instructions may help.

Menstrual cup holds just over half an ounce (20 ml) of flow. The average regular-sized tampon holds about 5 ml of menstrual flow. The measurement lines on your menstrual cup help you keep track of your flow and report details to a healthcare provider if needed.