Mantra E-Ventures private Ltd is a Social Enterprise functioning in the healthcare space. We conduct health and environment awareness programs to encourage menstrual concepts regarding women health, which aren't only wellbeing friendly but are environmentally sustainable.

Our area of the task is Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), and our instructional applications are for girls/women both in the Rural & Urban sector. These works are conducted in Educational Institutes, Women Social Groups, Home Societies, Corporate offices, Medical Institutions etc. In these programs, we impart instruction on the biological process of menstruation, the related health & hygiene issues, the myths around childbirth and also how to control health and hygiene during menstruation in a healthier and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Team Focus on

Our team consists of all working professionals volunteering their time for women menstrual cup project. Anyone enthusiastic about MHM, Environment, and Women Health, Welcome to join us donate their valuable time in making this world a better place.

1. We are against environment Pollution

Environmental pollution is one of the most severe problems faced by humans and also other creatures on earth. Still, by using a reusable menstrual cup, the contamination of the environment can save by humans. Environmental pollution is understood to be “the contamination of the physical and biological components of this earth/atmosphere system to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected” Pollutants may be naturally occurring substances or energies. Thus, using sanitary pads that the surrounding environment might get polluted so with all the menstrual cup usage in India can block the environment pollution, and the menstrual cup usage may reduce environmental pollution

2. Putting step towards a green planet

Many Menstruators have had a day in which they were too busy to stop and change their tampon or pad. For students or Employees, sometimes it could be a few hours before they can stop in the bathroom and make the switch.

Fortunately, Choices for menstrual flow control have been breaking boundaries over the past couple of years, one of them being the menstrual cup.

Employing a Menstrual cup has a lot more benefits as well as reducing waste: menstruators do not have to make frequent stops to the bathroom, and there is less chance of these effects that could happen out of leaving a tampon in too long, such as toxic shock syndrome.

While decisions about one’s cycle should be left Up to the menstruator, those that would like to make the switch will help decrease the impact made on the surroundings out of sanitary waste, all while saving some money at the same time.