In the Box:

Menstrual Cup: 1PC,

Pouch: 1PC,

User Manual: 1PC,

Color: White




Product Features:
Convenient, comfortable, and Environmentally friendly. You can feel it, when it inserted properly. Simply empty and clean cup 2-3 times every 24 hours, and feel the freedom not having to worry about disposing and carrying of any other products. It doesn’t leak when it inserted correctly, Sachi Cup is eco – friendly, comfortable, leak friendly and a better period experience.

» The Sachi Cup is eco-friendly, reusable and can be worn for up to 12 hours
» The Sachi Cup is a revolutionary alternative to tampons and pads
» USP class VI complaint row material
» Helps in maintaining the pH of the vagina
» Made as per ISO 13485 and ISO 10993 Standards
» 100 safe health grade silicon
» Firm grip- Design for batter hygiene
» Up to 12 hours of protection
» No Latex, BPA or animal products
» 12 hours of leak free protection and comfort


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