A step-by-step guide on how to remove a menstrual cup?


  • Once worn out, you can hold the menstrual cup Inside for 6 to 12 hours as it can take up to 28ml. The usage periods vary for each user depending on her flow. It could be significantly less than 6 hours for users who have significant flow.
  • You may take 2-3 periods to understand the constant usage time of the menstrual cup.
  • More than pads and Buds it will be very much flexible while we are at work, walking, Jocking or any other activities which we want to do.

  • Do Not Attempt to pull the menstrual cup removal it might cause distress.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with fresh warm or cold soap and water.
  • Just take any comfortable position. You can stand, sit on the toilet or squat.
  • Add your thumb and index finger to reach the knob.
  • Slide upwards and pinch the foundation of this cup Softly to break the suction.
  • Remove, by tilting it sideways to release the atmosphere.
  • Drain the contents into the toilet/sink and wash the reusable menstrual cup using the Sachicup removal wipe.


  1. CLEAN AND Re-wear

  • Wash menstrual cup with sterile warm/cold water.
  • Take Sachicup WIPE having a dry hand.
  • Wash a menstrual cup using the Sachicup WIPE to get a rich lather.
  • Rinse it cleans it thoroughly.
  • Re-wear the reusable menstrual cup.
  • Wash your hands again.
  • In case you Want to clean and wear the Sachicup in a public restroom
  • Wash your hands nicely
  • Take out the menstrual cup, empty it and then wash it with a tissue or with clean water to ensure that both veins and water are Unsoiled and with no dirt. You might carry a tiny bottle of clean water into the Public bathroom.


No, it’s not a messy process, by using some easy techniques which guided menstrual cup manufactures removing a cup is not a messy process and you can at any point of time or in any places.

Sitting on the bathroom with elbows apart is perhaps one of the very common techniques to empty and remove a menstrual cup. The user can empty the contents straight into the toilet, so there is no rationale to preserve the cup level when removing it.

During that the period, blood flows through a small hole and into that the rectal canal, also that the location of the cervix helps to ensure that your menstrual cup, or any different menstrual thing of choice, cannot get lost.

No odour all whilst the bloodstream has come in contact with the atmosphere as well as germs. It's a blood into its pure form. That really is one big benefit of A cup. You truly feel completely fresh even on heavy flow days.

Theoretically, there's not any expiry day. Manufacturers have various tips for when to displace the cups, however, they can be reused for five to ten decades roughly.